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LJ Friends.


Alex (lexxy_pie) and Rain (hipstomp) came out to LA last week and met up with me and Paul (naka_chan). This was the second time I've met up with all three of the guys, but there were some differences between this and the Toronto trip:

1. I was the one stuck in my hometown this time, so I didn't get to experience any of the straight-off-a-jet giddiness that comes with being an obnoxious American tourist.

2. Unlike Toronto, where we all crashed in the same hotel suite, each one of us stayed in separate places. So there was no chance of Paul and I getting to witness the sequel to the night when drunk Alex leg-raped unconscious Rain.

3. Absinthe is illegal here. But 151 shots achieved about the same level of carnage. Why in the hell did we do 151 shots? Because we obviously hate ourselves.

Like the Toronto trip, however, I did get to meet some new people. Met Alex's friend Christine, cynnaminthia, her boyfriend Chris, Rain's buddy Francis, b_1, and the founder of - a site I use religiously. Dave (modernistx) and Mai (sonially) also made it out.

Twas a very entertaining four days. Was even worth having to admit to my buddies that my "out-of-town friends" were really my "LJ friends." Does the gayness of saying those two words out loud ever go away?

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