caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

Where's The Love For Bolo?


Andy Samberg, of The Lonely Island and now Saturday Night Live, scored a viral hit with the adequately funny "Lazy Sunday" Chronicles of Narnia rap. In his latest adequately funny digital short for SNL, Andy combines forces with another guy who's been on the Internet a lot recently: Chuck Norris.


My weekend:

1. Rapping the X-rated lyrics of "Me So Horny" with Rog at a karoake bar. Yelling "...and suck my asshole too!" into a mic in front of several dozen strangers is a magical experience I recommend for all children of God.

2. Watching Kobe score his 81st point. And not caring as much as I thought I would.

3. Doing a really horrific version of The Running Man in my living room with T as Ben Rothlisberger dove into the end zone to seal the deal in Denver. One for the thumb in Detroit.

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