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So How Radioactive Is Your Cell Phone?

Ten highest-radiation cell phones in the United States

1. Motorola Slvr L6 1.58
2. Motorola V120c
2. Motorola V265
4. Motorola V70
5. Motorola C290
5. Motorola P8767
5. Motorola ST7868
5. Motorola ST7868W
9. Motorola A845
9. Palm Treo 650 GSM
9. Panasonic Allure


Ten lowest-radiation cell phones in the United States

1. Audiovox PPC66001
2. Motorola MPx200
3. Motorola Timeport L7089
4. Qualcomm pdQ-1900
5. T-Mobile Sidekick
6. Samsung SGH-S100
6. Samsung SGH-S105
8. Sony Ericsson Z600
9. Mitsubishi G360
10. Siemens S40


My LG falls somewhere in the middle. I obviously don't take cellphone radiation seriously as I usually keep my mobile in my front pocket, resting snugly next to my genitals ... although that might explain why my penis has sprouted arms, the arms of a warrior.

See the CNET cell phone radiation guide here.

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