caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

The Past 7 Days: Cliffs Notes Version

Had dinner with a few other people and Chinster. Chinster was in town to interview for a job. The very same job she ditched a couple of years ago for a new beginning. A new beginning that unfortunately was a San Fran dot com. But at least she got a good boyfriend out of it.

Went to a mixer, with the lure being open bar. The name on the vodka bottle label was unfamiliar to me, but I ordered it anyway. Several drinks later, I realized that the Russian Army would pour this vile liquid into shiny metal containers and bomb Chechen villages with them.

The Stanford football team got bludgeoned by Notre Dame. The Steelers are nowhere near the Super Bowl contenders they were predicted to be. And my fantasy football team is winless. But Mother of God, the Angels beat the fucking Yankees. Later, around midnight, I would have a plate of buffalo wings for dinner.

Spent the entire day watching football at EK’s pad with the guys, while the girls went shopping at Third Street. Our prehistoric ancestors would be scratching their heads over this reversal, since it used to be the females who used to hang out in the cave while the males went out to hunt. But this was thousands of years before digital cable and Sephora.

Had over-priced beer with Chuck, T – who was back in LA again – and other friends. Both Chuck and T started relationships at the same time around mid-summer with girls who live thousands of miles away from them. Both think they might be in love. Both have obviously succumbed to the deceptive, intoxicating powers of the Vagina. Chuck’s willing to move to NYC because of it. As for T, his woman’s in Philadelphia, and nothing on this planet is worth moving to Philly.

For the second week in a row, I hit the gym. For most of August and September I was preoccupied with things more important than my delts and quads. I usually go around 9:30 when it’s less crowded, but for some reason this happens to be the Guys-With-3-Percent-Body-Fat shift. It soon empties out though, as the sight of my flabby ass has them fleeing in terror to the nearest GNC.

T stops by on his way to pick up his girlfriend from LAX. We watch an episode of “The Bachelor.” First time I’ve seen an episode, but I’ve obviously heard of the show. Basically you sleep your way through 30 women before settling on just one. The contestants are attractive and have no facial hair, which makes me wonder where their desperation comes from. Clearly none of them truly understands the deceptive, intoxicating powers of the Vagina.
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