caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

Gibson-Less Wedding.

Went down to Dana Point for a friend's wedding this past weekend. She's worked at Mel Gibson's Icon Productions for several years, so I was hoping to see Braveheart himself. I mean, fuck, the man clearly is a big fan of open bars. And this one was very impressive. But as it turned out, on the day she asked him if he'd come to her wedding, later that night he got the DUI.


During the wedding reception, a friend claimed that there were probably a thousand photos of me standing next to an open bar in a wedding reception with a drink. And I said, nonsense.


It's way more than a thousand.


The open bar is so magnificent, it even possesses healing powers. My girlfriend accidentally crushed the toe of a friend - one of the bridesmaids - on the dancefloor. So I carried her to bar, where a round of shots not only healed her toe, it gave her the ability to speak to animals.


If the photo on the left looks familiar, it's because a cropped portion of it has been my Livejournal userpic since the dawn of mankind. Nine years after it was taken at a New Year's party, I thought it'd be funny to recreate that photo with the two people who've shared that userpic space with me. As you can see, we did it completely backwards.

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