caffeineguy (caffeineguy) wrote,

Run Away! Run Away! (God I Love That Monty Python Movie)

LA’s been a burning building this year. Everybody’s fleeing.

First there was T, although he didn’t flee; he was dragged out kicking and screaming by Warner Bros. I already told you yesterday about Big D suddenly seeking mental sanctuary in NYC. Then on Sunday I got an email from News Reporter Girl telling us that she just landed a gig as a Washington correspondent for ABC News. The future Connie Chung ships out next week.

But the big one hit me Monday.

Chuck told me that he’s moving to New York on November 19, the day after his freelance gig ends at my agency. He’d been talking about moving there recently, but I was still floored by the news. According to him, there were three reasons for the move:

1)To be closer to his new woman, T-Girl, who lives just outside New York in Jersey.
2)To be closer to his family in Boston.
3)To get Change, like Big D.

Of the three, I’d say Reason #1 accounts for about 90% of his migration. After all, it was T-Girl who suggested the November 19 moving date. She’s flying over that day, so that they can drive together cross-country to Chuck’s new home. And then LA will be Chuck-less, and I will be minus a good drinking buddy.

Like Big D, Chuck’s plunging in without a job lined up. But my guess is he shouldn’t have any trouble finding freelance interactive producer jobs while he searches for a full-time opening as a falafel technician. In the mean time, he’ll be staying with T-Girl. Hard to believe they just started going out in August.

For past few years, T and Chuck had been my partners in crime. I have other male buds, but not on the same level. Rog has always had that unpredictable actor’s schedule, plus now he’s got Ophelia. Geney Boy has been constantly occupied with trying to get his Korean film project underway. EK’s got a pregnant wife. And then there’s Chatonka, the noble Sioux warrior – who happens to be invisible and mute.

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens after November 19. Here are a few possibilities:

1)I become full-on domesticated boy and host couples-only dinner parties and Scrabble nights. I cave in and wear matching sweaters with my girlfriend. I start to swirl wine around in my glass and smell corks.

2)I shack up in a farm and completely throw myself into writing my first screenplay. When not writing, I raise fighting chickens.

3)I leave LA too. Lord knows I seriously thought about doing it over a year ago. But then life here became really comfortable, like a plush leather couch, and I became too content to get off my ass.

Damn you, Chuck.
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