May 17th, 2002



As soon as the clock hit six, the foreman yanked the dinosaur bird’s tail; and with a hearty "Yabba-Dabba Doo," I slid down my brontosaurus and jumped right into my car. I then drove straight to Sunset and Fairfax, which is where the Directors Guild of America building is located.

It was opening night gala for the four-day Visual Communication Film Festival, and Rog’s "Better Luck Tomorrow" was the opening night film.

We’d all been dying for months to see the movie, and it was worth the wait. MTV Films bought the film at Sundance – its first ever acquisition – and Better Luck Tomorrow should be hitting theaters nationwide in January or February 2003. So until then, please help out by passing the word around.

After the flick ended they did a Q&A session with the cast and crew, and one of the more interesting stories is how they financed the film. In the beginning it was them applying for and maxing out credit cards – something our generation is good at doing anyway. When even that source of money was getting tapped out, they found the ultimate movie investor: M.C. fucking Hammer. Lord knows how a rapper with the most famous bankruptcy in VH-1 "Behind the Music" history ended up financing an Asian-American movie; but he was at the event – without the parachute pants.

During the afterparty, we mingled a bit with Rog’s actor friends – some of whom we’ve seen and met from time to time at random parties. For instance, the only female lead in the film, Karin, used to go out with another actor friend of ours before she tore out his heart and devoured it in front of him.

I personally find it admirable that the guys were all able to become friends considering they met while constantly auditioning against each other for the same parts. Luckily Rog never heeded my past advice about pulling down his pants and urinating on them in the waiting room. After all, nobody wants to cast someone who smells like pee.

While none of them have made it huge, they’re gradually making their way there. John’s WB sitcom just got renewed, and the dude’s already infamous as the MILF guy from "American Pie" anyway. Parry was just in "The New Guy" which came out last week. And Marie, who was in "The Art of War" with Wesley Snipes, will be appearing in the upcoming Affleck movie "The Sum of All Fears."

The only downside of the evening for me was nutrition. In a rush to get there on time, I ended up skipping dinner. So after the movie, I ended up feeding my belly chocolate pastries, boba tea, and vodka with Red Bull. The ensuing buzz was a hybrid caffeine/sugar/alcohol/Red Bull high. I don’t recommend you trying this at home unless you are a trained professional, or have absolutely no regard for your own personal well-being.