May 31st, 2002


In Between Packing And Sexing, There's Updating.

Heading back to the Land of Mushu pork, opium dens, and the Shaolin "Grab The Pebble From My Hand" Test.


Between now and my Sunday flight, I’ll be catching the Lakers game, packing, possibly drinking, possibly dancing, possibly sexing, waking up, getting a haircut, going to a wedding, definitely drinking, definitely dancing, definitely sexing, and waking up again.

This means very little time to update LiveJournal. So with the small sliver of free time I have now, I’ll try to recap the past few days…

Memorial Day barbeque at Brie’s swanky new condo. Brie has all the essential qualities that most Korean females seek in a dream husband: i-banker salary. Sufficient height. Talented singer. Good cheekbones. Fashionable. Impeccably clean. And heterosexual.

The heterosexual part is hard to believe for some people, especially when you check out his very well-decorated bachelor’s pad. I mean the guy had cut flowers in every single immaculate room. And when I saw the giant framed poster of "My Fair Lady," the thought did briefly cross my mind.

As you may know, Chuck very, very briefly dated a TV news reporter, but he lost interest after the first or second date. Apparently the reporter wasn’t used to having a guy lose interest in her, and so she actually grabbed me at the barbeque and pulled me aside.

REPORTER: What the hell just happened between me and Chuck? I mean that’s the FIRST time a guy’s ever done that to me.

ME: Well, a lot of guys are still into the chase, even after the college years. Once girl starts showing interest, unfortunately, the guy’s interest sometimes completely evaporates.

REPORTER: Of course I know that, but he kept calling me after the last date …

ME: Chuck’s a friendly guy. And he was doing a friendly thing.

REPORTER: I’m confused.

ME: Then my guess is you haven’t dated a lot of guys, otherwise you’d figure out by know that all men are dating idiots who are genetically programmed to confuse the fuck out of women.

Thoroughly checked out the Beta version of our project, which launches June 10. It’s stunning. When the project began, I instructed the Web design agency in London to create something that would knock me on my ass, and they did just that.

But after the initial "Holy Shit" response, my fine-toothed comb came out. And now the painful part of the job began.

Our LA team got together in the morning to go over our critiques of the project, and as bad luck would have it, several parts of the project were not to our boss’s liking. With the publicity surrounding our involvement with the movie "Minority Report," all the top brass at our agency and at Lexus wanted to see what was going on. And creatively speaking, that’s when you run the risk of having everything turn into a big steaming pile of shit. Because few things are more dangerous to the creative process than a committee.

So over the past few days, we’ve been requesting a buttload of changes on the project. Most of them were small and harmless. Some were big and potentially disfiguring. And through most of it, I felt like the biggest asshole. The designers in London had spent the past two months working 15 hours a day, six days a week on our project. The last thing I wanted to do was essentially criticize the hard work done by these highly talented guys, just moments after I’d told them how awesome they were. It’s a sickening feeling.

I did my best to fight off or buffer the most severe – and what I felt were needlessly ridiculous - changes to project. But in the end, some heavy changes were made. And it’s quite likely the London agency doesn’t think too highly of us right now. In fact, they probably hate us. Lord knows I would if I was in their shoes – and I have been.

In the end, they’ll just console themselves on the big, fluffy piles of money we threw on them. And I’ll be crossing my fingers on June 10, praying that this site emerges from all this and knocks everybody on their ass.