June 11th, 2002



Happy to say that after three months of work, one of my projects finally launched Monday.

I actually wish I could've been there at the agency for the official launch presentation, so that I could've pull my shirt over behind my head and dove across the floor on my belly like those World Cup players after they score a goal. But I'm in China 'til the 16th, which gives me a little less than a week to get hooked on opium.

Not that most of you would know who these guys are, but major major kudos goes to the Flash designing superstars over at hi-res in London for spending 15 hours a day, six days a week, slaving away on this thing. I asked for something that would knock me on my ass, and they over-delivered.

I worshipped these guys before I worked them, so it was extremely hard at times for me to impose my crass advertising sensibilities on their artistic motives. But they were extremely professional and accomodating throughout, even when they had to make major last-minute changes to fulfill requests from top brass at my agency and Lexus. Granted hi-res made a shitload of cash on this project, but part of it was hush-hush money for when I take full credit for the site [Satanic laughter goes here].

What the hell was the project about? Well Grasshopper, it's all about the upcoming film "Minority Report." Spielberg unexpectedly turned into a marketing whore and approached Lexus, our agency's main client, asking them if they wanted to do a tie-in where all the luxury cars of the future are Lexuses (presumably after a large meteor destroys Germany). As part of this tie-in, I came up with the idea of doing an "interactive experience." A bullshitty sounding term, I know, but somehow I sold the concept off on Lexus, Fox and Spielberg. Suckers. And now it's done so there's nothing they can do about it [More Satanic laughter].

SO, if you have a couple of minutes to spare from your blog reading, click here to check the baby out.