June 19th, 2002


"Minority Report"

Finally saw "Minority Report" yesterday. It was an agency screening over on the Fox lot. I could try to give you a review, but the problem is I’ve been up to my neck in "Minority Report" over the past few months. So the only thing in the movie that was unexpected was the length: about two-and-a-half hours. Oh, there was a scene which made every single person in the theater crap their pants, but I won’t spoil it for ya. Just make sure you pinch a loaf before you watch the film.

Despite the fact I was overly familiar with the movie, I still liked what I saw, for the most part. And they did give me a cool "Minority Report" Lexus toy car afterward (Wondering if I should sell the thing on eBay. It’ll probably only fetch me eight bucks; but I’ve never sold anything on eBay and feel it’s one of those things – along with skinny dipping, yodeling and black tar heroin - that everyone should try at least once.).

On the bus ride back to the agency, everybody agreed that they liked the movie. This was then followed by a discussion about the fabric patterns on the bus seats, which led to a conversation about which everyday objects in your hotel room, wallet and office are covered with traces of semen and fecal matter.

If you want better reviews of "Minority Report" other than the crap I just wrote, click here.

You know what? I just realized I didn’t write about my last weekend in China. That’s coming next…