June 26th, 2002


Sweaty Puffy Images From China

I thought I’d finally post a few of my China trip pix here. Before you take a peek, please keep in mind how hot and humid it was over there. That would explain why I look all sweaty and puffy, like Boss Hogg from "Dukes of Hazzard." This is a photo of me in dry, cool weather:

Having said that, enjoy…

Here I am at the Great Wall of China, which should’ve been renamed the Great Stairmaster. It wasn’t that bad though…

… especially if you had something to carry you. Sitting on a camel on the Great Wall was one of the more surreal moments of my life: If I didn’t have this picture to document the event, I would’ve thought this was all an opium-induced hallucination.

That’s me and Mr. Mao in front of the Forbidden City. As you enter the gates, the portrait actually talks to you like the jolly skull in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Temple of Heaven was hotter than Hell. In terms of heat and humidity, I was told it was the worst day to be outside in Beijing. Where was the Temple of Air Conditioning?

Souvenir shopping at Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai. No, I didn’t wear the same two shirts the whole trip.