September 25th, 2002


Procrastination Is Despair Wearing Old Underwear.

On my Immediate List of Priorities:

#1 – Coming up with a campaign concept. At least one, God-fricking-dammit.


#3992 – Updating Livejournal.

Talked them into pushing the presentation to Tuesday. That’s three extra days if you include the weekend, but that may not be enough.

Not one decent idea whatsoever. Just distracting, useless junk swirling around the inside of my head like a trash tornado.

The problem with finding inspiration in my profession is that – like everybody else - the Muses despise the advertising industry. So all we have to rely on is cocaine, plagiarism, and coffee.

Just made another pot. Strong enough to reanimate the dead.

Back to work, back to work. Jiggidy-jig.