December 1st, 2002


Back In Bangkok

Just got back from a three-day trek to Cambodia last night. Somehow that place was even hotter than Bangkok, can you believe that shit? My meat was practically melting off the bone.

I'd been dreaming about going there for years. Took about a trillion or so pictures to the point where my camera was frothing at mouth, inches from death. The place is damn lovely. Will post some pics when I get back next week.

My blood must be like mosquito heroin because those fuckers kept coming back for more. Somehow I managed to escape Angkor Wat with only seven bites, but for a year now I've gotta go to the doctor if I ever have any flu-like symptoms to make sure it's not malaria.

About to head over with some people to the mad, mad Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok's biggest outdoor marketplace. Apparently they sell everything under the sun there. There's even a wild animal section where they sell flying squirrels, monkeys, and other exotic animals as zoo animals, pets, or dinner.

Someone told me that's where I'll find my cockfight, since they give live demonstrations. I'm giddy just thinking about it - there's something magical about watching poultry fight to the death.