December 9th, 2002



Yesterday, Sunday, was one of the longest days of my life. Literally. Thirty-nine hours from beginning to end. There are days that you wish would last way past the allotted 24 hours, but this most certainly wasn’t one of them. It started well enough (if you count midnight, which means it started with vodka) and ended great. But in between there were planes.

When I finally got home, I hardly recognized the place - as if I’d accidentally walked into someone else’s apartment. The thing about leaving for a while and then coming back is that in your absence, life still goes on without you like the inconsiderate bastard it is. And so when you return, you tend to feel a bit disoriented. You half-expect to step out of the plane and find that the planet is now ruled by apes.

Walked into my office this morning and, as expected, was walloped right in the face with an avalanche of work. So I can’t tell you about the second half of my trip in full detail right now. Will get to all that later, along with some photos. If you want a short description in the mean time, it went something like this: vagina circus, 80-cent feast, and a last-minute trip to Hong Kong.

But enough about me, how the hell have you been?