December 17th, 2002


Clinton Portis Rocks

Was going to finish writing about my vacation today, but wouldn’t you know it, we have a mega presentation at two. Why does work keep interfering with my time-wasting obligations?

So for now I’ll just write a quick update about the past few days…

Spent the weekend at Vegas with some amigos for my girlfriend’s b-day. Ate perhaps the longest dinner of my life at some joint called Areola. There was also a big rodeo in town, so it was mullets galore, my friend. Otherwise it was a typical Vegas trip: Get off the plane, get drunk, lose money, engage in pie fight with transsexual whores, get on the plane.

The head of our agency – the only one we’ve ever had – tearfully announced he was leaving in a month. Apparently the bigwigs of our global agency network decided to make him a fellow bigwig. So he’s now the worldwide creative director of Ford. But this means he’ll have to move to Detroit. You couldn’t pay me a trillion dollars to live in Detroit … although with a trillion dollars I guess you could actually buy Detroit, have it completely demolished, and then turn it into a giant hot tub party.

For the past six months, Rog and M have been making an indie horror flick along with their Asian-American actor buddies (plus one token white girl, whom you’ll recognize from Rog and Geney Boy’s short film “The Quest for Length”). The movie is a long way from being finished, but they’ve got a Web site up. The url is It’s got lots of details about the film, a message board where you can post glowing reviews about Rog's chiseled jawline, and even a teaser trailer. So do them a favor, why dontcha, and pass that url onto your friends and loved ones.