March 4th, 2003


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”But I'll starve myself again, for the sense of power over my body. It's almost an erotic feeling. I must admit that this summer, as I starved myself and fell in love again, I started to feel like Charlotte Rampling (feel, not look) as she wasted away in that isolated room with Dirk Bogarde in "The Night Porter." Feeling better about your body is extremely sensuous.”

- The Joys of Anorexia

Came across this fascinating yet really disturbing subculture the other day. Pro-Ana. ‘Ana’ happens to be a codeword for anorexia nervosa.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: that these females openly embrace anorexia as a way of life, or how widespread pro-ana’s become. According to an article I read, there are thousands of pro-anorexia sites on the Web. Do these bony people realize that anorexia kills up to 20% of its victims? But then again, it’s still probably lower than cigarettes. Wonder how many pro-nicotine sites there are?

Human beings and their silly self-annihilating impulses. Wutchagunnadoo?

Click here to visit one of the pro-ana sites, It’ll make you want to eat about fifteen steaks.