March 11th, 2003


Find The Fake Vin Diesel.

I didn’t bring my camera out this past weekend. Haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately. But thanks to the wonders of the Digital Age, your friends can take your drunk pics and download them on within hours…

This picture is completely unflattering … which is precisely why I posted it on the Internet. I don’t exactly remember posing for this photo, but it appears that I’m trying to cop a feel, which would’ve made sense if there was actually a breast there.

They say that behind every man is an evil woman trying to get his ass drunk. I’m not sure if she’s trying mesmerize him with her eyes or cleavage …

… but it worked.
(On a side note: Drinking Amstel Light will turn your penis into a black tequila bottle.)

Ohhh alright, one more unflattering picture of me, eating 3am wontons. I’m either in mid-hurl or making one of those “kissy” faces. Girls love doing “kissy” face photos, and they should because it looks good on them. Not so with guys with mouths filled with chewed wontons. If you look closely enough, I think you can see some cornea peeking through one of my semi-closed eyes.

GIRL: No, not kissy face. It’s “kissy” face.

Click Here To Love Me.

I get the impression that Internet creatives love awards as much as advertising creatives do. And since I straddle both worlds (Straddling is fun, you should try it some time.), I run the risk of being twice the awards whore.

Unless you’re a digital artist, designer, animator, or art director, you’ve probably never heard of Flashforward, which is why I have to resort to asking LiveJournal people to come and vote for our site, which is a finalist for the “People’s Choice” award. Damn these popularity contests.

Click here to vote. Scroll all the way down to the “3D” category, and click in the bubble next to Then hit the “vote” button at the bottom of the page. After that, a unicorn will magically appear in your room and grant you three wishes.

I’ll be honest with you though, the odds of our site winning are slim. Not only because there are 59 other finalists, but some of them are pretty fucking impressive. In fact, at least two of them are on my bookmarks: and [Just realized I hyped two of my competitors. Not an effective way of garnering votes. Imagine how I’d do with a UN resolution.]

Voting ends: 5:00pm PST Friday March 14.