March 13th, 2003


Help Me, Obi-Wan...

Well it finally comes out in less than a month (For LA, NYC and Chicago people. April 18 for the rest of you’s.).

The publicity blitz for the movie has begun. Sorta. This month it’s been featured in Asian-American mags like “Yolk” and “KoreAm Journal.” The cast even appears in a nicely shot spread in this month’s “Vibe,” and for once Rog isn’t the gayest-looking man in the picture (the honor goes to that Sung guy).

But the MTV Films marketing machine may not get rolling ‘til later. So if you can start sending out the word to your friends and acquaintances via email, cellphone, IM, smoke signals, messenger pigeons, mental telepathy, etc. - the cast and crew will be eternally grateful. I know for a fact that the writer/director will personally give each and every one of you a lapdance, thanks to his remarkable endurance and powerful thighs (I’m actually not familiar with the director or his thigh strength, so there’s a good chance that instead of a lapdance, you may get a look of confused dismay instead. Parentheses galore in this entry.).

You can even do the dorky thing and post the above gif on your online journal along with a link to (On a whole ‘nother note, Missy Elliott’s “Gossip Folks” has been seared into my brain since Friday. Wa zee Wa zoom zoom zee … )