March 26th, 2003


Nonsense-ory Overload.

Friday I stayed home, planted my bad self on the couch, and flipped back and forth between CNN and ESPN all the livelong day, occasionally jumping over to MSNBC and CBS when my left thumb felt compelled to do so.

One minute there’s downtown Baghdad being shelled with mini-Hiroshimas and Nagasaki lites. The next there’s Sam Houston State being shelled by Florida. Then back to some Iraqi spokesman calling Bush “the leader of the international criminal gang of bastards.” And right over to those bastards at Butler wrecking my bracket by beating Mississippi State.

The day then fittingly ended with me singing “Whenever, Wherever” with several shitfaced chemistry graduate students.

There’s sensory overload. Today was mostly Nonsense-ory Overload (I unnecessarily capitalized the two words in the hopes that you’d get the joke. If not, may Allah strike you down with a Cinnamon Tic-Tac.) After all these years I still don’t get this world. Hell, I can barely understand Shakira lyrics.

Saturday, around two, Stanford lost to UConn. Fucking Stanford. Every March I find myself wishing I’d gone to a school that only had a women’s lacrosse team, like Clark College. Women’s lacrosse can’t possibly break your heart this bad. Could be worse though, I could’ve gone to Cal (yoink).

Lucky me - I had an excuse to drink heavily that day. Twas Easy’s birthday over at Las Palmas. Must’ve been drunker than I thought, because from the batches of digital pictures my friends took that night, about half of them consist of me doing dumb shit with my tongue, lips, and even my thumb. My body loves to make an ass out of me. I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

Sunday evening I went to a fundraising Oscar viewing party for Lodestone Theater at Rosen. The turnout was amazing – amazingly bad if you wanted to eat ‘cause the buffet line was insanely long. It’s sad that in my old age I now find long buffet lines intimidating, whereas when I was young, scrawny, and needed to eat my body weight in food every day, buffets were my raison d’etre.

The cast and crew of “Better Luck Tomorrow” were also there, but it was Rog who was stuck with the task of emceeing the event. For some reason, he didn’t find it particularly enjoyable and swore he’d never do it again. I think he was just pissed that he couldn’t get everyone to shut the hell up and gaze at him lovingly whenever he announced raffle ticket numbers. Sung and I suggested he use loud profanity, then went back to our friendly chat about anal sex. Sung plays a brooding rebel-type in the film, but dude’s one wacky motherfucker.

Besides the Oscars, we also got to see the new trailer the editing geniuses put together over at MTV Films. Don’t think you can see it online yet, but here’s the movie poster: