March 28th, 2003


Days Lived Under A Farting Sun.

For the past couple of days, LA has been blasted by strong, hot winds - as if the sun squatted over So Cal and let one rip.

I personally love these kind of days, particularly around twilight when I’m walking to my car in the parking garage and the world is bathed in purple.

The warm breeze caresses your face and hair, and for those few seconds you’re in another world. A world where wood nymphs dance naked around your hot tub while Jessica Alba feeds you salt & vinegar chips. Then Heidi Klum walks over with a cold frosted bottle of Goose … but then she catches Jessica nibbling on my ear and jumps on top of her. Pulling each others hair, they fight in dirty lesbian fashion somewhere around my lap while the naked wood nymphs place wagers on who will win. I put a hundred down on Heidi, because she’s swinging the bottle like the raging supermodel she is, but before the fight comes to its inevitably violent - yet erotic - conclusion, I’m parking my car at home. The commute’s over.

I picked up my girlfriend, then Chuck, and met up with Jill and Vera at Ching for a restaurant opening party. Ching looks like one of those swanky/chic restaurants you’d come across in Shanghai or Hong Kong, but is in fact smack in the middle of K-Town on 3600 Wilshire.

The food was pretty damn good, particularly because it was free (otherwise it’s a bit pricey for Chinese food, ranging from 20 to 35 bucks a dish). The same went for drinks, although they ran out Tsingtao within an hour, and we were forced to drink Bek Seju, my liquid nemesis.

Ran into Steve a couple of booths over. Steve, T and I used to party quite a bit on Thursday nights in what seems like ages ago. But then T moved to Hong Kong, playboy Steve actually settled down with a serious girlfriend, and I turned into OBB (Ol’ Boring Bastard).


Because almost two full days have passed since I last mentioned “Better Luck Tomorrow,” I feel obligated to announce that you can now see the brand new three-minute trailer, as well as Rog’s nipples, online at Click here to watch.