April 5th, 2003


Dude Fucking Kills Me.

Rog was in New York this week promoting "Better Luck Tomorrow." Amongst all the usual publicity shiet he was supposed to do, he made a guest appearance at "The Karaoke Show", which is the brainchild of the same people behind "The Donkey Show."

For some reason they posted photos of his Thursday night performance on their site. He told me he was singing Madonna's "Dress You Up" (behold the irony). Realizing his singing ability didn't quite measure up to the Broadway-trained performers on stage with him, he said he felt he had to compensate in some other way.

And when I saw the pics, my ass almost fell out of my chair. Not because of the seriously disturbing strip show - it's not that much different from any other time we hang with the guy. It was the scarf.

If you ladies want to see what happens next, please make out a check for $25.00 to "The Caffeineguy Grey Goose Vodka Fund." Or you can go see "Better Luck Tomorrow" this April 11, since Rog is nude and oiled for most of the movie.

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