April 11th, 2003


Better Luck Today.

This isn't going to be another one of my "Get the fuck out there and see this movie" entries. I've obviously already done enough over the past month, and if you're Asian, you've probably been bombarded with mass emails promoting the film anyway. I've also been told that MTV's been airing BLT commercials quite a bit in the evenings. So hopefully the turnout this weekend is an encouraging one.

Actually the main point of this entry is to congratulate Rog.

As I told him last week, this is your moment in the sun, so bask in it. Savor every beam, every ray. And watch out for underaged groupies...

Came across some old photos. As you can see below, the guy's best performances were off the screen. Some pics are from the very beginning of his acting career, when the dude was doing ramen commercials in Japan. And some are even before that, when he was a miserable management consultant.

It takes a lot of balls to ditch a life of security and stability to pursue your dreams, knowing full well you risk not even reaching that dream. But on days like today, having those cajones pays off.

So here's to large testicles.

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