April 17th, 2003



When it comes to posting photos, Geocities is an asshole. But for some reason I’ve stuck with this asshole for several years, which essentially makes me a woman.

So I’ve been trying out Fotki.com, which offers a two-week free trial period. If there’s a better, cheaper service than Fotki I’d like to know, because I’m all about better and cheaper. And no, I’m not going to follow that up with a hooker joke.

Looking through my Geocities file manager, I came across some old photos. Including the Milk Bet series. Goodness.

Can’t remember when I posted them - but I think it’s time to bring out these classics again for Livejournal.

Briefly, here’s the story behind the pictures: I made a bet with my college roommate Trent that he couldn’t finish one gallon of milk in 12 minutes.

You see, Trent thought he was the master of mass liquid consumption. He’d biked across North America three times while in high school. He was one of the top long distance runners out of Oregon. All the while, he was well hydrated. We got into some dumb argument about how big the human stomach was, and he obviously thought it was much bigger than I did.

Word about the Milk Bet got around, and on the day of the event, about a hundred people showed up. A photographer friend even came to take pictures for the school newspaper and yearbook. A buddy who was a DJ over at the campus radio station even made a 12-minute Milk Bet soundtrack using the Led Zeppelin stoner classic “Kashmir.”

I don’t think they all wanted to see if Trent could successfully finish it either. Like drunken spectators at a NASCAR race who only come to see the fiery crashes, they wanted to see something ugly happen. He didn’t disappoint…

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