May 21st, 2003


Lots Of Parentheses In This One.

Three days. Three entries. Things are slow down at the office.

Last night the girl stayed at her place, which meant I had the whole bed to meself (Not a typo, I’m part Irish.). When this happens, I go hog wild and try to take up as much mattress space as possible. That means snoozing diagonally. Oh man, you solo sleepers have it so good. It’s like sleeping on vast prairie land versus the cramped ghetto slumber I’m used to.

Below are some photos from Squiggy’s housewarming party this past weekend. Until I finally get DSL hooked up at my new place (Fucking Earthlink. What in tarnations was my dumb ass thinking?), I’ve been unable to post pics of my own. Thank goodness for camera-crazy female friends.

Everyone has a usual pose for photos. Some try to look sultry. Some try to look gangsta. Some try to look tortured inside. Me, I try to tell a story, such as “Once upon a time I decided to eat a large quantity of grapes. Other people also wanted grapes, but I refused to share. The end.” For the guy on the left, his usual pose involves two fingers held in the gay reverse-peace position, which in Britain means "Fuck You." This photo may be the only one in existence where he’s not doing it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, observe the next two pics.

Squiggy’s pad has a nice view of the Marina del Rey harbor and the ocean. Unfortunately it was obscured that afternoon by hazy weather and oriental people.

In this photo you have the two-finger man, and to the left of him is I-refuse-to-look-at-the-camera man. Dude never looks at the lens in any picture. It’s not because he fears it might steal his soul; it’s because he had surgeons permanently set his eyes in that position so he can always see that his hair is neatly parted.

Yes, there actually were women at this party. But as is Korean custom, we had them make kimchi in the dungeon while the men drank rice wine and gambled on fighting crickets.
(BTW, the tall girl on the right isn’t pregnant. She’s wearing one of those floofy tops.)

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