May 28th, 2003




That up there is a photo of Machu Picchu from, a Web site where travelers post pictures from their trips to all parts of the giant eye candy store that is Earth.

I’d been using it as a guide for planning my next trip, possibly to Machu Picchu. But then I came to the disturbing realization that I didn’t feel like traveling all that much. For whatever reason, my wanderlust has been in dire need of wanderViagra lately. No desire to go anywhere whatsoever. This might explain why my bioclock has been mysteriously fucked up for the past several days: waking up at 6 am on Tuesday; not being able to sleep til 4 am last night. My art director’s theory was that I was experiencing phantom jet lag, since normally this time of year my body’s expecting to be in another time zone.

Instead I spent Memorial Day weekend in LA. Did the usual birthday party/Dirty Sanchez/barbeque thing, along with some extremely brutal furniture shopping with the girlfriend (Women place way too much importance on the dining table. For instance, they actually think it’s more important than the coffee table.) To cap it all off, I had a reunion dinner of sorts with the Wedding Bet gang. The only person missing was SalsaMan, whom I haven't seen in two years but is now apparently a soap opera actor in Singapore, lah. How the hell did that happen?

Will try to post weekend pics later, depending on how puffy I look.

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