June 3rd, 2003


Three Things You Didn't Know.

I was once in a commercial where I had to flip-off the camera. It was right before the verdicts came out for the civil trials of the Rodney King beatings. LA thought there might be a second wave of riots, so they ran these public service announcements (PSA's) promoting racial peace and harmony, because everybody listens to PSA's - especially angry inner-city people.

They created one spot for each ethnic group, and somehow I got cast for the Asian version. In it, the bitter son of a Korean grocer (me) is sweeping the sidewalk in front of his soon-to-be-pillaged store. He turns to the camera and gives the middle finger. But then he suddenly realizes that's very naughty and turns the middle finger into a peace sign.

At the time I thought this was just slightly dumber than sticking a fork into your eyeball to see if it's made of tofu. So every time the director yelled "Action!" and I flipped off the camera, I'd just bust up laughing. It took 37 takes. The director was weeping after the 30th one. And after all that, the spot never ran because the mayor thought my middle finger looked "too American."

It might cost the same, but three lap dances at the same time are not better than three separate lap dances.

No single pose more articulately screams "I am a fucking dork" better than this one.

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