June 11th, 2003


Yet Another LJ Commentary On Friendster.


A friend in New York just emailed me this Village Voice article about Friendster. Click here to read it.

One of the points it makes is that “Friendster is one of the few places that help you swap your friends” just as Napster let you swap mp3’s.

Really? I’ve been a member for about a week now and the impression I’m getting so far is that it’s a game where you try to find and accumulate as many friends and testimonials as possible. Because if you actually could swap friends, I’d trade Chuck for someone who craps solid gold turds.

As of today, my Friendster score’s only 16: 14 friends + 2 testimonials. And of the 14, 9 of them are people I hang with on a regular basis, and a handful of them only signed on for lurking purposes. The rest of my friends are staying away, so it looks as though my score might be stuck there for a while.

In other words, I suck at Friendster.

On the day I signed up, I was found by a Livejournal friend who kindly offered to add me to his Friends list. When I checked out his profile, I saw a horde of other Livejournal people. The temptation was strong, my young Jedi, to cave in to the dark side of the Force and jack up my Friendster score with LJ points. Some people have over 100 friends listed on their profiles for chrissakes, how awful am I as a human being with my pitiful 14?

But I told him that his adding me would drastically increase the likelihood of my “real” and “online” worlds colliding, “destroying entire civilizations and plunging everything into the sun” in the process. Granted, it seems virtually everybody who knows me in the “real” world reads this damn thing, so it’s not like I should give a damn. I’m just counting the days when my mom calls and asks me why I don’t update my page more often.

Other than the points game, about the only other popular Friendster activity I’ve done is clicking from one hot chick picture to the next. Apparently the hot chicks occasionally write things on their pages (The only book they appear to read is “Memoirs of a Geisha.” But who am I to poke fun, I put “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.”)

But seriously, do you even bother to read anything in the profile section, or do you just go straight to the [View All 5 Photos] link?

Being un-single, all I can do is look anyway, which is essentially what “Just Here To Help!” means. And even looking isn’t all that fun due to the horribly degraded image quality and appalling lack of nudity. It’s yet another reason why I’ll probably quit playing the Friendster game soon.

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