June 20th, 2003


What Makes This Entry Different From Any Other LJ Entry?

Work has been sucking away precious Livejournal time this week. So for today, all you get is a party pic and an online personality quiz result.



Don't forget to go out and watch Ang Lee's "The Hulk" this weekend. Above is a photo of the Hulk I grew up with, Mr. Lou Ferrigno. At the end of every single episode, a lonely Bill Bixby would end up trying to hitch a ride at some freeway entrance while a pianist played the heart-wrenching "Incredible Hulk" theme song. Not a dry eye in the entire country. And all because that damn Mr. McGee kept making him angry.


# of LJ Friends Who Posted This On Their Page Before Your Lemming Ass Did15
The Only Person Who Asked You To Be His Friendster Today Turned Out To Be ASerial Killer
Yet Another British Word That Proves They Can’t Speak EnglishChancer
My Buttocks Are So Hard They Can Only Be Described AsSteely
Favorite Shakira SongWhatever, Whenever, Whoever
Likely To Win In A K-Town ClubThe Booker Prize
Rhymes With VaginnyChinny
See A Physician Immediately If Your Stool Is This Color
Brought to you by Lou Ferrigno

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