August 4th, 2003


Hey, A Window In Your Window. S'neat.

While my girlfriend was in Sin City getting her debauchery on, I spent Friday night at a buddy’s house where we, along other esteemed condiment scholars, watched a slide show titled "French: The Man and His Mustard."

On Saturday, I headed over to Oasis for a friend’s birthday, where we spent most of the evening eating tapas and discussing how "Gigli" will alter the very geography of global culture with its giant glaciers of brilliance.

I may get into more detail later, but in the mean time I’ve included a photo preview below…

The window picture was taken Saturday afternoon in one of my rooms. Just looked up and thought, “Fuck, why didn’t I take photography classes?”

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Dented Jeep. Dead Kickboxer.

Walked into work this morning and found out my coworker’s friend, Alex Gong, was murdered this past weekend.

A Jeep Cherokee had hit his parked SUV, also a Jeep, and took off. So Alex, who was working out at a Thai kickboxing gym he runs, stopped sparring and took off after the fucker in his bare feet, shorts and gloves.

After running after the Jeep for two-and-a-half blocks, he caught up to the guy, who was stopped at a red light.

Alex was understandably pissed, and he also happened to be a world champion kick boxer. Plus it was rush hour on a Friday afternoon: so the last thing he expected someone to do in broad daylight, in the middle of all that busy traffic, was something stupid. So he ran up and confronted the asshole.

According to Alex’s friend, the two exchanged words for a few seconds before the light turned green. The driver then tried to take off, and Alex attempted to stop him. The coward then pushed Alex back and did something stupid. He shot him point blank in the chest. Alex died a few seconds later.

I personally don’t know what I would have done in Alex’s situation. Everybody around the water cooler claimed they would’ve just taken down the vehicle description and license plate number (it turned out to be stolen), then call 911. But this wisdom comes with 20/20 hindsight, an intact vehicle and the absence of rage-induced adrenaline. And I’d guess that not having the sense of near invincibility that comes with an assload of kickboxing championships also helps keep you alive.

The news article’s here.