August 5th, 2003


The Best Things In Life Are Free, Like The Air That Fills Plastic Monkeys.

Your friends. They can both entertain and terrify you at the same time, like that roller coaster ride where robot pirates throw razor blades at your face.

A buddy just emailed me a ton of photos from Friday night’s party via Ofoto. As far as party pics go, they’re pretty standard stuff. Two to four people standing or sitting in a row, attempting to look delightful while their limbs are either attached to each other or an alcoholic beverage.

However, there were several pics that caught my attention.

Some female friends tried to give the party a Hawaiian flavor by decorating the place with tropical-themed props. For instance, everybody wore plastic leis - as they all do in Hawaii - and my Goose on the rocks had an umbrella in it. They also bought a blow-up monkey and flamingo for two bucks.

But as it turns out, the human race is divided into two groups of people: those who see happy plastic animals as toys, and those who see them as budding porn stars. As you’re about to see, our Ofoto buddy, who was also the host of the party, fell in the latter category.

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