September 21st, 2003


The Eskimos Have 400 Words For Snow.

Taken a couple of years ago @ friends' wedding reception, when we took over the bar and forced all the guests to drink Tanq.


I'm ...

hammered, sloshed, shit-faced, tanked, blitzed, bombed, wrecked, three sheets to the wind, drunkened, loose, tipsy, defcon 1, well-done, trashed, jagged-up, Irish, canned, smashed, fucked-up, intoxicated, inebriated, annihilated, laced, arse-over-tit, faced, juiced-up, mullered, off my face, ramped, got the wobbly boot on, gotta gutful of piss, as full as a goog, faded, fluthered, langered, stocious, plastered, blotto, pissed, wasted, hammered, skunked, full as a tick, bender, blasted, boiled as an owl, cockeyed, clobbered, crapulous, crocked, juiced, legless, loaded, looped, obliterated, pickled, plowed, plotzed, ripped, sauced, soused, sozzled, stewed, toasted, tipsy, wasted, zonked, assholed, out of my tree, rat-assed, buzzed, pie-eyed, pixilated, squiffy, slppped, tiddly, besotted, bacchic, beery, rummy, krunked, bolloxed, under the table, tore up, stung, drizzunk, crapulent, lit, wet, bladdered,


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