September 30th, 2003


My Consecutive Alcohol-Related Entry.

Ever been to Blink, that new lounge in K-town?

The last couple of times I’ve been there with Rina, she ends up ordering two bottles of Goose for our table. And by the time she orders that second bottle, the manager always claims they’re all out of the regular-sized bottles and offers to give us the significantly larger 1.75-liter bottle for just $30 more. It’s actually a good deal, except by then most of us are already pretty trashed. But human females just can’t turn down a discount; and as for the males - we can’t turn down large quantities of liquor.

Rina had two dude friends with her: Dude #1 had been to a lot of countries and Dude #2 had just finished making a documentary about the video game “Street Fighter.”

I always enjoy talking to well-traveled people, so I chatted with Dude #1. Actually it was mostly me listening to his stories about partying with billionaires in Manila and maharajas in India. Interesting stuff, but kinda depressing if you don’t have any friends who’ll let you crash in one of their palaces when you’re in town to visit. I can’t begin tell you how disappointed I was that none of my friends are royalty, those underachieving bastards.

As it turned out, I’d heard of Dude #2 before but just didn’t know it. At the start of the Internet boom, he and a friend of his started and ran a well-known Web design agency called Kioken in New York. Dude #1 wasn’t a cofounder, but I think he was involved in the business/financial side. Anyway they both sold their stakes in the agency several years ago and were independently wealthy as a result of it.

It sort of blew my mind, because it reminded me that there once was a time when people made a shitload of money off of making Web sites. This is because I’m still in the business of creating Web sites. And while it’s still a decent way to earn a living, one can no longer make enough to retire in his early 30’s and make a documentary about his favorite video game.

Which is a shame, because I had a site launch last week that I’m not particularly ecstatic about, and retirement sounds pretty darn tasty right about now. Mmm … retirement.

It’s not as awful as it sounds, but it’s nowhere as good as it should’ve been. And already people are pointing fingers: the clients, the account people, the production people, the creatives. Sadly, I even had the producer look into buying the rights to my favorite Coldplay song in a last ditch effort to save the project, and the greedy wankers wanted $2 fricking million. I blame Gwyneth Paltrow: she’s turning into their Yoko.

On the bright side, Blink let us keep the unfinished half of the second bottle.

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