October 9th, 2003


I Can't Dream Like Normal Folk.


Heavens to Betsy, I may get a chance to redeem myself for my last project. My art director and I finally get to work on something that has nothing to do with cars. We're creating our agency's Web site.

The current site is pretty scruffy; but we're always too busy to tear it down and put up something pretty. Hence it's been up for two years. Plus it also involves the small side task of coming up with our agency's brand identity - something that's potentially a torrential shitstorm of a task in any creative place where the top people have differing ideas about what their work and their company is about.

In the end, most ad agencies just put up a Web site that's as bland and harmless as the office political compromise everybody agreed upon. But at this point, the higher-ups in our agency seem determined to have something n-i-c-e.

And hell, it has nothing to do with cars.

So even with all the potential obstacles looming in front of us, I'm still pretty chuffed. About the only drawback is the lack of time. They want the site up in time for new biz pitching season which begins about, approximately, yesterday.


Problem is, I've been tagged with a cold bug of some sort, which is pretty harmless except that it's been dicking with my ability to sleep. So last night I caved and popped some pills, which were labeled "Tylenol Cold," but were closer to "Peyote Lite."

I don't know why, but it's like the two coated capsules commandeered my brain and took it for a joy ride. I spent the whole night half-awake, weaving back and forth between REM world and real world. Eventually it got to the point where I lost track and my dreams blended right in with reality.

For instance, I'd be talking to an Egyptian archer in my dream, excuse myself to go to the restroom, wake up, head to toilet and urinate, fall back asleep, and - get this - continue my conversation with the Egyptian archer.

Have you had that shit happen to you? Of course you have, because you're all fucking crazy.

So the precious few days I've had so far to come up with site concepts have been a pleasant mix of sleep deprivation, mind-altering cold medication, and slight congestion. Today, for instance, it felt as if my conscience slipped down my throat and fell into my stomach, getting partially digested in the process. All in all, it was fun for the whole family.

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