October 23rd, 2003


Ghost Story #1


Being that Halloween's eight days away, I thought I'd share a ghost story now - as opposed to eight days before Hanukkah. Over the years, I've had many family, friends and acquaintances tell me of haunted encounters that they've all claimed as "true."

There are too many to count, because ghosts seem to enjoy scaring the crap out of Oriental people. So I'm only going to share one with you now, and maybe a few later over the days leading to Halloween.


The first one comes from a guy I used to know my sophomore year in college named Ken. One night a bunch of us sat around 'til 5 AM trying to outdo one another with the spookiest ghost stories, with the primary goal being that the girls would get scared and want to sleep in the safety of our beds, while naked of course.

Ken's story easily won hands down. I ended up going to bed alone later that night; and as soon as I turned off the lights and pulled the blanket over my head, my giant Bauhaus poster came crashing down on me. No joke. If I hadn't just taken a pre-bedtime crap, there would've been a different tale of horror altogether.


When Ken was 12, his father got promoted to partner at a major Singaporean law firm, and the family moved into a much larger house. It was big enough that everyone got their own rooms, including their grandmother.

When a week had passed, the grandmother told Ken's father that they should move out of the house immediately. Up until then, Ken would hear his grandmother walking around the house in the middle of night, her small slippers shuffling across the cold wood floor.

Ken's grandmother was pretty quirky as far as old ladies go, so they'd learned not to take her bizarre requests seriously. When she saw that they weren't going to move out, she asked to switch rooms with the live-in maid. They complied.

Several months later, the maid abruptly quit. When they asked her why, she wouldn't give a reason. The next maid they hired also quit after several months, also without any explanation.

When the third maid told Ken's parents she too could no longer work at their house, they begged her to tell them why. At first she refused, but when they told her that the two previous maids had also done the same thing, she reluctantly agreed to tell them what had happened.

Several weeks earlier, the maid had missed her period. Having had no sex for almost a year, she went to see a doctor to find out what was wrong. He asked her if she was dieting, and she replied that she wasn't.

"The reason why you missed your period," the doctor said, "is because you've lost a lot of blood."

The maid explained that the doctor couldn't figure out why. And suddenly Ken's grandmother interupted her with a question.

"At night in that room, do you wake up and see her?"

The maid froze. She turned to the grandmother and nodded.

"A young woman," the grandmother continued. "In a beautiful, pale blue dress. With empty eyes."

No one in the room could speak.

"And when you look at her, is she beckoning with her white, white hand? As if she wants you to come to her?"

Frantically nodding now, the maid replied, "Yes. But she can't speak, her throat is gone."

The grandmother walked over to the maid, slowly kneeled, and gently laid both of her withered hands on her knees.

"She wants us to die with her."

Ken's family moved out the next day.


And if you've got a scarier "true" ghost story, let's hear it while my bowels are empty.

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