October 24th, 2003


Creative Ways To Make Money This Weekend.

Design A Snowboard.

Salomon's having its first online board design competition. And it's open to all, regardless of design experience, talent level or physical deformities. On top of that, it's free to enter and you can submit up to three designs. The only drawback is that the cash prizes are given out in Euros, which might confuse the American winners because we don't fully understand foreign currency or fourth grade math. But seeing your board design attached to a kid's broken legs at Whistler while he screams in agony - that's something Euros can't buy. Click here to enter.

Sell Your Photos.

Other than the photos of my Livejournal friends prancing around in their underwear, I also enjoy the artsy photos you guys take of buildings and trees ... and buildings. Stock-cube is a new royalty free photography and illustration image library. And they're currently looking for new submissions. The difference is the guys who founded and run Stock-cube are artists themselves, so their commission rate is pretty generous: 50% versus the typical 15%. This is why artists usually aren't allowed to run companies: but maybe you can cash in before these crazy bastards run out of money. Click here to submit your work.


They're only favored by 5.5 points over the Giants? Not very creative, I know - unless you used the money you win to make an origami Viking helmet.

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