October 28th, 2003


For Chicago Area People.

A forward for my friend Chin...


We are proud to announce the "Happy as a Clam" benefit for the Steven K. Pak Memorial Fund, showcasing the very best Asian American names in indie music. Steven K. Pak passed away earlier this year after a heartbreaking battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, of a very rare and extremely aggressive form of more prevalent in Asians than in most other racial demographics. He was a beloved friend of many of the show's performers and an active supporter of the national Asian American arts scene.

The benefit will not only serve as a memorial to Pak’s bravery and zest for life, but will also bring together the first generation of Asian-American indie rockers; most notably the return of SEAM, after a three-year performance hiatus. This show is also an homage to the groundbreaking Asian-American arts community these featured bands (especially SEAM) pioneered back in 1995. Because of their efforts, Chicago has since been touted as the original mecca of Asian American indie rock.

- A benefit for the Steven K. Pak Memorial Fund
and the fight against cancer.

Featuring the talents of:

SEAM -- Ee -- ADEN -- Pete the Genius -- MirrorAmerica

This premier lineup of indie rock bands includes:

SEAM -- With Sooyoung Park, William Shin, John Lee & Chris Manfrin.....
Yes, you heard right. It's the band's first show in three years. Don't miss it.

Ee -- With Tobin Mori, Che Chou, Pete Nguyen & Sooyoung Park.....
Take the sounds of Korea Girl, Total Shutdown and Seam, mix it in a blender and out pops textured pop, improvisational postrock, with torrential washes of noise. A potent mix. Heavily addictive. Drink slowly.

ADEN -- Jeff Gramm, Kevin Barker, Fred Kovey and whomever they can get to play drums.....
The Teenbeat Records stars play a sweet variety of indie-pop fused with finger pickin' good banjo and guitar work.

Pete the Genius -- Pete Nguyen.....
Funk noise in all its glory. Think Bootsy Collins if he was in a noise metal band and into skateboarding and Pho.

MirrorAmerica -- John Lee, Craig Hutler, Matt Scholl & Chad Romanski.....
Yet another rock band formed from the ashes of America's incestuous rock scene. MirrorAmerica plays guitars like aMiniature, drums like Sarge and basses like Sixto. San Diego angular punk rock goes to dinner with Midwest pop.


Saturday November 8, 2003
The Abbey Pub
3420 W. Grace (at Elston)


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