October 29th, 2003


Costume-Related Stress.

For some reason I'm really not excited about wearing a costume for this weekend's Halloween party. Because it entails either buying or making something. Worse, before all that, it requires thinking up something.

It's not like I've always been the Halloween Grinch. Back in the day, I got a kick out of coming up with traumatizing costume ideas and even won several costume contests at parties and work. But speaking of work, I've been digging feverishly into the right side of my brain the past few weeks on this agency Web site/identity assignment, and consequently the last thing I want to expend any remaining creative energy on is a fricking costume.

Despite that, I actually do have an idea that I like; but it requires some work. So most likely I'll cop out and take the money route. But buying a costume in the days leading up to Halloween can be a major pain in the ass. Plus spending 50 bucks or more on something you'll wear only once is not what I'd call a wise investment - unless it's that cow costume with the udders placed over the crotch area, har har. Man, like a fine wine, fellatio sight gags get better with age.

"Why don't you just use one of your two old costumes? They're still in the storage closet somewhere." My girlfriend suggested. Apparently she doesn't give a damn either, God bless her. "The pirate one or the old lady humpy one?"

Hmmm, what do you guys think:


I'm strongly leaning against this one based on this photo. First of all, a buddy looks like he's caressing my cheek with his. Secondly, why is my smile so fricking homolicious? I look ready to ram some rectum in that pic. Ass pirate is a more appropriate name for this costume, but then again I heard all pirates were gay - or was it jolly? They both mean happy, I guess. Rog looks like he taped pubes to his chin.



This costume was supposed to look as if I was two people: an old woman carrying her overgrown man-infant on her back. But as soon as we got to the party, everyone thought I was sodomizing an elderly peasant woman while dressed as a baby. Every single person thought this. I won an Andrea Bocelli CD anyway. For this year's Halloween party, a friend of mine thought it'd be funny if he put a blonde wig on the inflatable woman and wore a Kobe jersey. Yeah ... probably not.

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