November 3rd, 2003


Friday Night.

Friday's Halloween/surprise birthday party had a pretty good turnout of over 200 people, all in costume. This guy in the photo, though, clearly had the most tasteless costume of them all. That sick, insensitive, strangely sexy bastard.


The funny thing is when I came up with the costume idea a few weeks ago, I thought it'd be too much work to put together - plus what if Roy dies? After all, the human race is divided into two groups: those who love Siegfried and those who love Roy. And the last thing I wanted to do was piss off half of the world's population. That's just too much piss for one man to handle.

Then Roy got better, and on Thursday I came across a stuffed white tiger that was selling for eight bucks. "Seems like serendipity to me," I thought. Then Kate Beckinsale and I fought over a pair of gloves at Bloomingdales, fell in love, and I was shipped off to England to fight the Germans. But that's a whole 'nother story.

The only tragedy is that it sounds like I'm not the only one who thought of the costume. Apparently other people out there share my lack of empathy for critically injured circus performers as well. I guess we belong to the Siegfried half of the human race.

I'll be posting more party pics as soon as I steal them off my friends' Ofotos.

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