November 7th, 2003


Meeting Live Livejournal People.

Hung out with Alex (lexxy_pie) and several of his Canadian buddies last night ‘til about 3 AM. First time I’ve met a Livejournal person in the flesh (not counting the LJ people I’ve met before LJ); in fact my friend Rog has met more LJ people than I have and he doesn’t even have an account.

I’ve met online people in the distant past thanks to Asian Avenue. But I’ve never been single during that span, so the encounters were never for casual sex purposes, which pretty much defeats the purpose of meeting people over the Internet in the first place.

In Alex’s case, the dude wanted me to show him and his buddies around K-town. So we met up at the Pointe. He looked just like he does in his photos, except this time he was wearing clothes – none of which consisted of orange paisley or flower patterns.

I think every online person I’ve met looked like their photos; it’s the voice part that throws me off. When I read your journals, I don’t hear my own voice reading the entries but your voice – or at least what I imagine to be your voice. Surprisingly Alex sounded pretty much what I thought he’d sound like.

Before him, the last Livejournal person’s voice I’d heard was hipstomp’s. For some reason I was expecting hear Kwai Chang Caine from “Kung Fu” (Lord knows why, probably because of the physical resemblance), and instead he sounded like a horse racing announcer from the 1930’s.

My only concern about partying with Alex was that I had the impression that he was an annoying drunk – gets tanked off a couple of shots and tries to dry hump every man, woman and medium-sized furniture in the room. But no partying took place. Unfortunately K-town was a fricking ghost town, as if everyone got advance warning about dry-humping Canadians and fled for the safety of the caves.

So we planted our asses at Blink and had a reasonably good time. Despite what you read in his journal, Alex is a nice, seemingly well-adjusted guy. But I think he was severely disappointed that he never got a chance to dance that night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a heterosexual male so eager to dance. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a heterosexual male so fascinated with self-fellatio.

ALEX: If you sucked your own cock, would that make you gay?

ME: That’s like saying masturbating makes you gay because you’re giving yourself a hand job.

ALEX: BUT, there’s a cock in your mouth.

ME: I’m not even sure you could get off on blowing yourself, the same way you can’t get ticklish from tickling yourself.

ALEX: BUT, there’s a cock in your mouth.

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