November 13th, 2003



Stole this off whiskeyagogo, because the kid fucking destroys me.


Got my first flu shot ever this morning. The reason why I never got one before was because I'd only get the flu every two or three years. Plus people I know who get the shots seem to be the first ones to get sick with the flu anyway. As we speak, the Center for Disease Control is researching a vaccine against irony.

So why did I get the shot? Was it because Lenny, one of my Southeast Asia trip compadres, got tagged with the flu last week and almost missed his flight to Vietnam? Nope.

Was it because the skies got strangely orange this morning and then exploded with rain, indicating somehow that God was upset with me for not watching a single episode of "The Bachelor?" Maybe.

Was it because my fantasy football team is still in first place due to my uncanny ability to be completely awesome? Perhaps.

The real reason was that a coworker and I had been talking about how the world's overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products was helping to create super-diseases that were almost completely resistant to antibiotics or any other medicine. He mentioned a Discovery Channel special where doctors believe it's just a matter of time before a disease emerges that makes SARS look like a sneeze.

And one of the medical experts in that show recommended getting a flu shot every year just to help your body "diversify" its immune system. Now I'm not sure if that's true, or whether my coworker heard him incorrectly, or whether I heard my coworker incorrectly. But fuckit, got the shot anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not even remotely close to being a hypercondriac. Hyperdork maybe, perhaps even hyperalcoholic, but not hypercondriac. Take for instance, my refusing to take any malaria shots or pills when I went to Cambodia last year. My dumb ass didn't even bother to use any repellant.

"Why didn't you?" asked a friend after I got back with around ten mosquito bites.

"Hey, it's not like any of the Cambodians were taking malaria pills or spraying bug repellant on themselves. And they looked fine to me," I said.

"Did you even bother to think that maybe it's because after centuries of living around these mosquitoes, their bodies have built up an immunity against that shit?" he replied.

"... fuck."

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