November 20th, 2003


Unranked, Unworthy.

Thanks to typefiend, I found this site called that ranks the top sites on the Web according to traffic. Sadly I entered my Livejournal site to see where it ranked, and the Internet God Mongii punished my vanity by listing me as "No Data," for Mongii is a wrathful god and a bad dancer.

After I dried my tears, I entered some of my "more popular" Livejournal friends and these are the ones who actually got a ranking:

1ragincajun: 1,847,244

elitegoddess: 696,223

hipstomp: 3,375,253

inc0gnito: 4,149,615

kalispice: 1,393,266

kristenmie: 4,561,301

miki: 3,222,687

pjammer: 3,670,983

slurpeekiss: 518,866

Your Web traffic queen, ladies & gentleman, slurpeekiss with an astonishing six-digit ranking.

Some people I was certain would be ranked didn't get a ranking at all: I figure it's because a significant portion of their readers come from their "Friend of" list. But who knows how they actually measure or determine the rankings - I'm just mad I didn't get at least 4,999,999. The mating rituals page of has a higher ranking than me. Feeling so unloved right now. Somewhere out there, Cheeka, the Goddess of Measuring Self-Worth Through The Validation Of Others, is laughing her ass off.

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