December 9th, 2003


Krabi Pics. Part 2.

Ko Phi Phi island is one of the main reasons I flew to Krabi. It's actually two islands: the larger Ko Phi Phi Don and the largely inaccessible, but much more famous Ko Phi Phi Leh (above). The reason why it's famous is because of "The Beach." How it got famous from a movie nobody watched is a mystery to me. Another mystery is this strange rash I got on my leg.

Ao Maya was the main reason I came out to Ko Phi Phi. Evidently it was everybody's main reason too. Assholes. On the left is a postcard image of Ao Maya, and on the right is the real Ao Maya, which has turned into a parking lot for speedboats and Speedos.

Luckily I was able to find a relatively empty spot in Ao Maya where the ocean secretly turns into milk.

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Don't Mess With Gypsies. They'll Make You Itchy.

After three straight days of irritating weirdness, there can only be three possible answers:

1) An old Gypsy woman has put a curse on me.

2) An old Voodoo woman has put a curse on me.

3) I have menopause.

Actually, there's a fourth possible answer; but it'll take longer to write than "I have menopause," and I think my body needs a decent night of sleep to recover.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow. The streak ends here, baby.

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