December 18th, 2003


Favorite Entries Of 2003.

For several months now I write my entries before I go to sleep. So far this week, I've either had nothing in my head or too much - and I end up just posting pictures instead.

Anyway this is another one of those nights, but rather than Photoshopping more bearded Saddam images, I went and picked a favorite entry from each month of this year. Some months had more decent entries than other months ... so I gave an extra one to February and April. June and November were none too happy about that.

Jesus, what a year.


Thailand/Cambodia Photos, Part II


Today's Word Is: Gamma Knife.

Living In Sin.


Bek Se Ju Is The Devil.


No Title.



The Ways Men Pee.


Urinating Women, And The Mimes Who Hate Them.


Dinner With Rich.


Talking Story.


Gladiators, Pirates & Kickboxers. And The Chicks Who Dig Them.

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What Every Man Wants: A Shark Stapler.


Around this time of the month, you'll find many people wishing Jesus had been born a few weeks after December 25th so that they had more time to buy presents. Others just start worshipping the Devil, figuring this makes them exempt from Christmas. Before you hand over your soul to the dark lord to avoid mall parking, however, check out the following:



For you desperate last-minute shoppers who have no clue what to get, I suggest a glassware set featuring a naked guy peeing and weeping into a lake. Or a bouquet of tulips that's actually a table lamp. You can find these and other whimsical, artsy gifts at

And if you order by this noon, Pacific Time, December 19th, you can get it by December 24. You can order noon on Monday and request expedited delivery, or order on Tuesday and request express delivery. Your mom's sushi egg timer is waiting.


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