December 23rd, 2003


And The Very Next Day, You Gave It Away.

Last night I ended up on stage at an empty karaoke bar, completely butchering the George Michaels classic "Last Christmas." How these things happen, I do not know.


Monday at work, I was in our executive creative director's office discussing these amazing computer animators I found in Canada. I'm pretty chuffed about these guys: not only do they have architectural backgrounds (Our animation will feature the kind of buildings that Gehry would design after licking toxic amphibians.); but the Canadian currency is based on maple syrup. I figure the animation will only cost us about 40 stacks of pancakes.

At that point the earthquake hit, although it was more like an earthroll. Nevertheless, the creative director's ceiling lamp began to swing back and forth emphatically, and the vertical blinds swayed like river reeds.

I was curious to see what the world outside looked like while everything was still moving, so I wobbled over to the window. Nothing. Buildings weren't teetering; cars weren't flipping over and exploding; people weren't looting stores.

It was like looking out the porthole of a violently rocking ship and seeing that the ocean was perfectly still. Not surprisingly, a few coworkers staggered into the office, complaining about feeling seasick.


Tuesday at work, I slapped this together on Photoshop.

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