January 26th, 2004


Weren't You There Almost Two Months Ago?


T was back in town for about a week. Back when we were spry young lads, we'd go out and drink like idiots and engage in such moronic activities as saber duels with swashbuckling hookers. But now that we have serious girlfriends and are seriously older, we just had dinners with friends followed by elderly fun, which consisted of whittling and playing Negro spirituals on the harmonica.

T also finally got me the CD of the photos he took on our Thailand trip. Doesn't trust Ofotos, I guess. I was waiting for his photos for a while, because I wasn't able to take any pictures during our kayaking tour on account of my camera running out of batteries. That's why these photos are over a month late, Lord knows I lost a lot of sleep knowing I'd let my Livejournal friends down.

Anyway, here's why kayaking through the mangroves and canyons near Krabi was one of the highlights of our trip:

Monkeys are one of God's most ingenious creations, on par with cool breezes and perky C cups. While kayaking we came across two different groups of monkeys, who were obviously used to tourists. It's a good thing Thai monkeys only ate fruit, because if they had a taste for human flesh, we would've been in deep feces - although the meatier Germans would've been the first to be eaten. These hairy little bastards were ravenous.


While eating lunch in a grotto, we heard some rustling in the bushes. Turned out to be monitor lizards, which sauntered over to scavenge for scraps. Our tour guide's grabbing one of the smaller ones by the tail. The lizard on the right was about the size of our tour guide, though, measuring over five feet. Give him a few more years and he'll be rampaging through the streets of Bangkok, battling Mothra.

I realized that all the creatures we came across in Thailand started with the letter "m": Monitor lizards, monkeys, mosquitoes, man-ladies, etc. But the next couple of photos have nothing to do with animals. They're just more of the scenic variety and made me realize that T's camera could beat up my camera ...

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