February 4th, 2004


For Chinese Females Not On Steve's 5 Trillion-Person Email List...

Cut-and-pasted from his email:

... this is an incredible opportunity for someone looking to get real broadcast news experience PLUS exposure to a global audience. CCTV-9, is the all-English channel of China Central Television, the national TV station of the People's Republic of China based in Beijing. CCTV-9 is currently looking for two Chinese females to be weather broadcasters. The candidate must speak perfect English and of course Mandarin is a plus. A background in either journalism or communications is required. The pay is what is called a "foreign editor's package" which includes housing and transportation -- so pay will be just above slave wages. Starts May 2005 in Beijing. Please email your resume and headshot picture to steve@reelplay.com


And while I'm at it, if you've been desperately seeking an opportunity to punch an attractive, young celebrity in the face - preferably someone from the cast of "The OC" - there's a very good chance you can do so for only 50 bucks. isogen's working MTV's Rock The Vote Awards Show and Afterparty this Saturday, and he promises free liquor for all. Click here for more info.

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