February 21st, 2004


A New Addiction.

Fuck, my head kinda feels like crap right now. Either it's because I'm coming down with something, or it's because I didn't have coffee today.

Most likely it's because of the absence of coffee, which could mean I'm addicted to caffeine, which is pretty lame if you think about it. Because as far as addictions go, being hooked on caffeine just lacks the glamour and sexiness of a cocaine habit or even painkillers.

I mean how interesting would that movie "Trainspotting" have been if it was about a bunch of Scottish youths strung out on espressos? Or if "Leaving Las Vegas" was about Nicholas Cage trying to drink himself to death with soy lattes? I was trying to think of a good cocaine or crack movie, but none exists ... "Bright Lights, Big City" starring Michael J. Fox? Exactly.

Well tonight, all that changes. In an hour or so I'm going to attempt to become an alcoholic for perhaps the 15,000th time. Granted, alcoholism's kinda old school in a Tennessee Williams/F. Scott Fitzgerald kind of way. Still, if hookers that look like Elisabeth Shue find it irresistably hot, then it can't be all that bad.

Wish me luck.


So it appears nobody wants to go to Egypt with me in March. The last person to reject me was Doc, who explained he couldn't get vacation time for that month - plus "the political climate isn't ideal." It sounds like a semi-legitimate excuse, until you take into account his irrational fear of mummies.

My two options are to postpone Egypt for another year, OR just wander the desert alone like Moses.

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