April 15th, 2004


Picture Whores.

All posted within a 20-second period on Livejournal. The one in the top left corner with the 40oz.-swillin' granny was my favorite.


Whoever first said that a picture is worth a thousand words was either a lazy reader, or an even lazier writer with a digital camera. There's a lot of both on Livejournal - which is why adcott.net's page, which automatically posts the most recent images on Livejournal, was so awesome.

Couple of times this week, I've caught myself being mesmerized with the neverending flood of images, constantly clicking the Refresh button like a lab rat.

I think quite a few of you felt the same way; because the day I posted the link to the page, my site traffic jumped 20%. And it obviously wasn't because you guys were enthralled with my pissing shit story.

Unfortunately the page got a bit too popular: Someone informed me yesterday that it no longer shows images. However adcott provided the source, so quite a few other sites now offer this amazing service.

I've put a few links to their sites here,
here, and


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