May 25th, 2004


Tokyo Pics. Part 4.

As mentioned in the previous entry, more than any other city I've been to, Tokyo's got a ton of cool shit. And one of the best places to buy cool shit is Tokyu Hands. Despite its name, hands is about the only thing this store doesn't sell. It sells everything else from woodworking tools to wedding stationary to robots to that white body suit pictured above. I'm not sure what you'd wear it for, but I do know this much: The guy in the middle is really excited about being 155 cm.


As a result of going to Japan, I missed E3 back in LA. However I did get my fill of video games at the Sega Joypolis in Odaiba. I never did figure out the point of this arcade game, but my guess is you're the co-host of a comedy show along with that Bart-wannabe dummy. As you exchange jokes or tempura recipes, at certain points you're supposed to smack the other co-host. Why? Don't ask - I'm still trying to figure out that white body suit. You can hit the dummy on the head, arm or stomach, and are judged on timing and maybe impact. Maybe a Japanese person who's played this can explain it to me.


This photo was also taken at Tokyu Hands. Most or all of them are gag candy: One's really hot, one's really cold, one gushes fake blood out of your mouth, etc. The candy that's second-to-the-left on the bottom row was the one that amused me the most. It seems to imply that eating this candy will either turn you gay or make your mom (see the weeping old ladies in the corner) think you're gay, thereby causing her much anguish and guilt about her child-rearing capabilities. Then again, it may not even be candy - I'll need the assistance of a Japanese-reading person for this one.


In this arcade game, you walk a dog ... and that's it. That plastic dog (which looks like it's humping a doghouse) has a leash that you pull as you walk on the treadmill. There was another game where you drove a bus around, picking up and dropping off passengers. I'm just waiting for the game where you take out the garbage or sit in a toll booth.

Sometimes I wonder how this country invented ninjas.


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