July 12th, 2004


Best Movie Endings?

The hardest thing to do when writing/making a movie is giving it an awesome, memorable ending. Here's a list of some of my favorites, broken down into typical cinematic categories:

Best Ending Where You Exclaim, "No Fucking Way!":
1. The Sixth Sense (Shyamalan hasn't been able to duplicate it since, and smart money says "The Village" won't break that streak.)
2. The Sting
3. The Usual Suspects

Best Ending Where Your Eyes Sprout Man Tears O' Joy:
1. E.T.
2. Cinema Paradiso
3. Star Wars

Best Ending Where Everybody Fucking Dies:
1. Scarface
2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
3. Resevoir Dogs

Best Ending Where Everybody Fucking Dies Except The White Guy:
1. The Last Samurai

Best Ending Where Shit Blows Up:
1. Dr. Strangelove
2. Fight Club
3. Star Wars

Best Ending To A Comedy Where Unattractive Man Attains Unattainable Hot Chick:
1. There's Something About Mary
2. Kingpin
3. Groundhog Day

Best Ending To A Comedy Where Ugly Woman Reveals She's Actually A Man:
1. Tootsie
2. Mrs. Doubtfire
3. Juwanna Man - just kidding. I meant to put Some Like It Hot.

Best Ending To A Comedy Where Golf Course Blows Up And Rodent Puppet Dances To Kenny Loggins Tune:
1. Caddyshack

If you've got a favorite ending not mentioned here, especially for a comedy, could you do me a huge favor and let me know? I'll send you a bottle of W ketchup (Kidding once again.)

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